Thank you for visiting the website of Bill Rapp, author of the “Suburban Detective” series featuring Bill Habermann and set outside Chicago, and the “Cold War Thriller” series. The first book, Tears of Innocence, takes place in Berlin in the months immediately following the end of the war and features a young American military intelligence officer, Karl Baier. The second novel, The Hapsburg Variation, coming later this year under the Coffeetown Press label, takes the story forward to 1955 Vienna, where Baier is now the deputy chief of station for the CIA. Keeping with the Berlin theme, Bill also wrote Berlin Breakdown, a novel set during the fall of the Wall, an event Bill experienced first-hand while serving at the U.S. Mission Berlin from 1989 tom 1991.

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Re-Creating the Past by Bill Rapp – An essay on the challenges of writing historical fiction for Sarah Johnson’s blog, “Reading the Past”.


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Author Snapshot: Bill Rapp

January 8, 2018 by Sandra Ruttan

“I began my professional life as a historian (Ph.D.: Vanderbilt University, M.A.: University of Toronto; B.A.: University of Notre Dame), where I taught European History at Iowa State University for a year before launching into a career as an intelligence officer. (I’m not sure this is crazy, but I spent 35 years working for the CIA.) Most of that time was spent in Washington, but I also had tours in Berlin, Ottawa, Baghdad, and London. Now, as a semi-retiree I am enjoying the next stage as a writer of mysteries and thrillers that combine my love of history and literature, and memories of a great career.” ~ Bill Rapp

What’s the first book you remember reading that had a huge impact on you? How did that story affect you? How do you think it shaped your desire to be a writer?

Henry James’s The American. It captured that confrontation between the Old World and the New, a confrontation that was inevitable given our close cultural and historical ties but differing aspirations. But the story also displayed something unique and special that the New World has to offer the Old one. I think that thought lies at the heart of the Cold War Spy Series.

Did you try your hand at poetry as a teenager or use stick figures to illustrate your comic books? Tell us about your early writing efforts.

My earliest writing efforts came from my first career as a historian. I published two academic articles and a dissertation.

What’s your new book/work in progress about? What inspired you to write it?

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